"TaNeal's raw talent and street sass has gained her significant buzz" -- Pink Head Phones 2010


"You will be captivated by her song writing and vocal ability" -- LFP Media 2010


"Don't Call Her Local!"


"She's taking it back to the old school where you really had to pose the talent to sing live if you wanted a career in the industry" -- Nine5Four Magazine 2008

--- A native of Columbus, Ohio, R&B singer/songwriter TaNeal first captured the nation’s ears collaborating with Ted Williams the homeless man with a Golden Voice in 2011 releasing the single, “A Survivors Prayer.”    She is an independent artist who released 3 projects distributed through CD Baby.  After relocating to Atlanta, TaNeal began working on projects with Platinum Producer Spec Turner and celebrity mixer Big Fuzzz.  Although she has a range of vocals, TaNeal’s style of singing has been compared to those of Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott and Marsha Ambrosius.  Those who have seen her perform live say she leaves a comfort that music can still inspire and touch people!

Early life and career

TaNeal began singing at a young age in church.  She participated in show choir and concert choirs all through grade school competing in such events at well-known places such as Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA in front of more than 10,000 people. 

TaNeal has attended auditions for several shows including Star Search, American Idol, and got the same response, “We love your voice and personality!”  These comments motivated her to strive harder to continue with her dream and becoming Columbus Ohio’s  97.9 FM WNCIdol winner was a great accomplishment for her journey.  With the added boost of confidence, TaNeal entertained her hometown by singing the National Anthem for the Columbus Crew.  She is now recognized as one of Ohio’s most valuable treasures; putting her raw talent, charisma, and emotion into every performance – just the way music was meant to be performed.  She carried on winning second place in the Virginia Afr’am Festival Idol of Spring 2008.  She was then called back to open for National recording artist Mario.  Since then, she has opened for Warren Hill, Day26, Shirley Murdock, D&G of Shai, Rude Boys, Men At Large and Levert II. 

TaNeal has stirred up quite a buzz in the cyber world.  From Skype interviews from the U.K. and U.S. to Independent magazine reviews and online radio interviews, she is aspiring to continue her career as a singer, songwriter and performer.


A New Discovery
©2010 TaNeal TaChi Music
  • 1. Mommy's Angel
  • 2. Bittersweet
  • 3. Soul Xclusive
  • 4. No One Else
  • 5. Atmosphere
  • 6. Good Times

Learning 2 Love
©2007 TaNeal TaChi Music
  • 1. Into My Dreams
  • 2. It’s Yours
  • 3. Only One
  • 4. Shine
  • 5. Favorite Boy
  • 6. Discovery
  • 7. Restfully
  • 8. Gangsta’s Cry
  • 9. Now or Neva
  • 10. L2L

The Joy U Bring-Single
©2006 Produced by TaNeal and Big Rann

The Preview - Promo CD
©2005 TruProvidence Music
  • 1. Come On
  • 2. Can't Deny
  • 3. Ex-Girlfriend