Time to learn again


We need to learn how to laugh again.  Remember that time when we were kids and we laughed at everything?

Everything was hilarious, remember that?


Growing pains kick in and we try to find ourselves or sometimes join groups

with people who make us feel good.  Then they may disappoint us in some way.  Rather if you were cheated on, lied

to or left on a desert island...We have also forgotten how to love each other.  So much bitterness and hurt.

Life doesn't get better when you treat new people the way someone from your past has treated you.  There

should be no comparison for something or someone who comes into existence.  It is also not good for those

coming into existence with old situations as well.


This is a blog for me because I have made a decision about which direction I want to go with my music.  I have yet

to write more about unity and inspiration.  I want to put in more of me and what I want in this life for myself and others.

As I look at the words I write, I'm always afraid of offending someone but no matter how I write I can not think for

everyone, especially those who I've never met but the music has to have a bigger range to it to reach a bigger market.


There are a lot of things I know I could write that would offend a lot of people I know, that's for sure!

After moving to a new town and meeting new people, I found myself weeding through a lot lies, deceit and

disrespect.  It was almost like one person would tell me something

about someone else just to see how I would respond or if I would be a middle for them and run and tell

that person what was said.  I'm new here but I'm not brand new.  How could you be so disrespectful and

think you deserve respect?  It's not so much that people are cruel.  Maybe it's the fact they take on too

many tasks and goals for themselves that along the way they step on a few good people with broken promises or

so afraid that someone would steal their idea or rob them that they become so over protective and appear

to not care about anyone else but themselves.


We are too stuck on ourselves and how life is unfair and blah blah blah.  Do we really give more thought to our

lives and why things happen the way they do?

I complained one time that about being jobless, homeless and carless but this is not true.  I was not use to struggling

but after looking deeper, I found that I was jobless but I still get emails about deposits.  I was homeless but

I have family and friends I can call if I needed a place to stay.  I was carless but I still seem to get

around.  God is in control and he never left.  Once you stop helping yourself you will feel lost and feel you

have nothing.  You must continue to find a way to live the life you choose is best for you.  If it's meant

to happen God will take care of you.


I do not know everything and we all have a story but my tears are starting to hurt my face, I want learn how to laugh



Peace and Blessings


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