TaNeal Pulls The Curtains

Hey ya howr ya?  Here’s what it’s all about.  I’m in the middle of finding my way in this new city they call the “A” and I’m glad I chose here rather than taking my chances with New York first.  The pace is just right for me to take my time and find how I fit in the industry and at the same time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very important people who work their ass off to promote good Soul music.  With all the down time I’m having, although I’ve been sprinkled with work to pay the bills every now and then and I’m grateful, but it’s time to let in some more sun.

Even when I was flowin’ I was not very vulgar or explicit because it’s not in my character, yet I confess that behind closed doors I’m a lioness!  I get it in and I would never let anyone cheat me out of a good orgasm.  I have been playing it safe too hard for my daughter because I wanted to make her proud of what I do but one day, she will grow up and we will have “those talks” so how do I expect for her to take me seriously when the time comes?  Really…it’s not important right now.  What’s really real is that I need to expose more of my sensuality.  Yes this may be irreligious but religion is NOT me!  I’ve been spiritual, so worldly and my actions and risks I’ve taken should prove that.  I must be honest and say I do not have nothing to prove to my family.  The proof is in my progress and I want My family (the Fans) to get closer to the artist.

I’m not saying I’m about to do an underground recording in my lil room of me naked singing about sex (one day at a time :) , I’m saying that I’m going to pull the curtains on my lyrics.  Being a tomboy most of my life and then wanting to walk around dressed up, groomed and glamorous…why not show it in my music?  I love sex like my meals…simmered and filled with love so I’m gonna keep it tasteful..yummy…something you do not want to miss!  I’m still playing it safe right now but this is a heads up that even if I offend somebody, hey!  Look away, there is nothing to see here!  This new discovery is for the grown and sexy and since I would NEVER FAKE IT in bed, I’m done holding back in expressing what I want in my life lyrically!  It’s time to give the love we share a more intimate touch!  You feel me?  And yes…I like it with the LIGHTS ON!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

Look again if you’ve seen this before!


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