TaNeal On Lock-Down

“We are naturally grounded by gravity but life’s challenges will try and keep you off your feet.”

Hello all!  This is the first time in two weeks that I had a moment to myself.  I’ve been traveling, networking and working which I’m grateful for but I appreciate the challenges more than the opportunities since I’ve proven to myself how strong I really am.  The music industry as you know is a very risky and can be highly stressful if you are not careful, but it’s going on 4 months of me living in Atlanta and I’m still standing.

I was once told that my presence is very welcoming and anyone could easily make themselves at home around me.  The problem with that is if you are not strong enough, people will take advantage of you.  I’m glad to be aware of my stopping point but I give others room to be themselves.  Unfortunately, this is not always a good thing because some end up regretting some things they share with me.  None of this is my problem but if I’m not careful and this bewildering point is with someone who has the power to blacklist me in the industry, I’m screwed and it bothers me.

When things are too serious and nothing serious is being put toward your goals, RUN!  There is nothing wrong with you staying focused and moving forward to complete your mission.  I do not want to spend another year “finding myself”  I have arrived!  There is no need for validation when you have a God gifted talent.  Everyone has problems and deal with them in many ways but I do not give energy to misjudgments, mistakes and regrets.  I learn from them and move on.

When you are on a good path and feel your pace is right…then you see the light…go in that direction!  Do not let anyone stop you from doing what you feel comfortable with but keep checking your rear-view and blind sides for those who are willing to lighten your load and help you reach your goal!  With that said, I’m taking a few days off for me.  I will fast, pray and reflect.  I have a huge responsibility to myself, my family and my career.  Some things just can’t be compromised.  If I miss out on something because I take time to strengthen and focus on health, it was not meant for me to have it and I’m OK with that!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз


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