I Can’t Stop, I Won’t Stop…Music Is A Life Saver!

“There it was…a twinkle in the sky and no one noticed it was there all the time!”

Hello Butterflies!  I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life!

So, I wanted to blog about Atlanta and what I have been up to.

This is the first time I have shared this with anyone other than 2

good friends and one of my bodyguards (also a GREAT Friend) who knows because he towed me and my car

down here 5 months ago.  Which he was so supportive but so afraid for me at the same time.

I didn’t really come down here with a plan other than wanting to further

my music career.  I didn’t take into consideration about where I would

stay or anything and I was so against paying $200/week for a funky extended stay.

So I went to the library when I got here and started searching for a roomshare on

craigslist.  YES!  I sure did…I am one crazy lady!  I DID choose the right neighborhood

though.  I studied Atlanta’s map before I came and with assistance of TMoore, I found a nice suburb.

This is not the first time that I have done a “O NO she didn’t” act.  I have always been a risk-taker.

After two weeks in extended stay (I finally gave in) and 9 interviews, I found a

good spot for myself and I have been here every since.  Although now I’m complaining

about space because I have two male roommates who are TRUE bachelors, and they are gonna

make me open up a can of whip a$$ up in here!  Yes, it’s threes company but I’m no

Jack Tripper!

Meeting the folks I’ve networked with and seeing cousins who I didn’t get a chance to grow

up with has been a blessing but it doesn’t help the fact of how alone I sometimes

feel.  I’m away from my daughter away from my family and close friends.

I’m so restless and try to bury my feelings in work and not all the work I do is paying yet.

So I’m investing a lot of time in faith while I eat toast and drink tea most days.

I have lost weight since I’ve been here but trust when I get out and network and

get the chance to eat good, I fill the hump like a camel :)   And what a blessing it

is to still have a chance to cook every now and then too, so I’m not complaining…


The last thing is what I must say to those folks down here and anywhere in the

world who think they are going to stop me from achieving my goals… the defensive

attack you feel will hit you where it don’t heal!  I’m not playin’ so

don’t come with those mind games and run arounds because at the end of the

day TRUST you will end up doing something that will only embarrass YOU!

Someone had the nerve to say that I’m cold, disrespectful, distant and unavailable…they obviously

have not heard my lyrics so I forgive them for not wanting to understand who I am, even though

I know thats not how they really feel(mind games).

I just don’t value my talents, I admire the gift that God gave me and I will die

knowing that I did everything in my power to share it with as many people as I can.  That is my focus!

Being emotional has given me nothing but chest pains

and restless nights so I’ve had ENOUGH!  I did the right thing, I will continue to make the

choices I feel will help me get one step closer to introducing my music to someone new and

keeping my fans entertained!  You all are loved and appreciated and I hold you dear to my heart!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

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