“Searching for the Right Way: When all you need to do is dance!”

Hey Butterflies!  Today I had to remind myself that I must respect time and where I am in my life to make a commitment one way or the other.  People talk about relationships, marriage, family, or their dog…some kind of “commitment”…  My commitment is my desire to entertainment people.  To publish work that will be here when I’m long gone.  It’s my passion but this is the hardest commitment I have ever made in my life so far and I hope it’s the last!  Passion and hard should not even be in the same sentence unless we are making a movie J (KIDDING) but a career in sharing my talent is tough!  I can’t say that I’m in a successful marriage or relationship by now but I can say music and I have had ups and downs and have broken up many times.  Somehow…some way it finds its way back home to me.  Music is irresistible.  I’d like my man to be irresistible and I know relationships are not all red roses but there will be no multiple break ups that for sure!  So I’m not doing that anymore with music either!  Together forever!

On the business side, I’m becoming more and more aware of things all independent artists should know but sometimes it gets in the way of my creative process.  The solution to this is sharing my music with your friends and family and telling them to share and so on.  That’s why I reach out to you.  Sometimes I wonder what you like and don’t like about my music.  I’d love to hear your opinions on what you are hearing.  It helps me a lot when I write, record and perform.  Comment on my blogs and you can comment on CD Baby as well (links at the bottom).

Aside from that, I do not want to mope around feeling regretful or think about the what ifs.  I’m gonna dance and shake it off!  I try to dance, I really do but just letting it all out makes me feel so much better!  I will not focus on how bad things have been, I’m going to celebrate the achievements!  Let’s celebrate together.  Get up and press play….come DANCE wit cha girl!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз


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