Something New

“Lets have a will to embrace new things and know it was meant for
it to come our way”

Hello Butterflies! I definitely wanted to blog the last day of the year
and reflect a bit on some things with you. I’d like for you to ask
yourself what is it that you would take with you into the new year?
A lot of people focus on what they would change. There are some
things that happened for you this year you should take with you in this
celebration. From people you’ve met, a new discovery to a blessing
in disguise. It has shaped who you are today and it doesn’t
take a new year to realize that.

Days went by as we spent a lot of time doing the same thing over and over.
There is not much wrong with that but those “things” that came
distracted us in a good way. It forced us to do something different which
gave us more air, growth and strength. We learn about ourselves through
these episodes and sometimes we don’t realize that when we embrace it, it
inspires others to see us growing that they would embrace new things too.

What I will take with me is international growth. Not just with
music but in my personal life as well. This year I was blessed to
meet people from all over the world (via internet and in person).
They inspire me to learn more. To exercise my midwest brain and
appreciate how big the world really is. With that I will travel abroad
next year and get a taste of many cultures and lifestyles. It will be
nourishing and powerful. As a child I use to wonder what the world was
like. If there was a little girl out there in the world thinking the
same thing at the same time. I would look out to the night sky and wave
to her and say see you soon!

In elementary school we wrote penpal letters, attached them to a balloon
and released them from the playground. That was my moment of
endearment. Watching that red balloon float away into the blue sky, felt
like my soul was lifted like the essence of a butterfly from it’s

Let’s keep our minds open for the new year and give new things a chance
to impress us!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

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