Ole Granny

Hey Butterflies!  Hope your week went well so...Happy Friday Woohoo!


I'm not making any promises here, but two blogs week on Humpday and Friday sounds good right?


Ok so I don't know what it is about me and ole grannies but the first encounter a lady tripped me and I fell down a few steps before I caught myself by the rail and lost my shoe.  Seeing that shoe fall made me think...if I didn't have the thought to catch myself, phew!  The second time a lady hit me with her cane :(


Well today as I was going into the grocery store, a lady backed out of her parking space too fast for most people to think but I jumped onto the back of her car.  She jumped out and said,

"You need to be careful in these streets little girl!"  I wanted to say :First of all, I'm not a little girl:

I said humbly, "Mam, this is a parking lot."

She replied, "Well, you still should watch where you're going!"


What just happened here?  At first, I felt the need to tell her I have the right-a-way, but then I felt like :Yes Mam, I'll watch where I'm going:  Believe me, I'm just as confused as you are!


Peace and Blessings

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