HibernatN & ProcrasinatN

Hey Butterflies!  I miss you all so much.  I remember when I was really active online and was able to keep up with what’s going on in your worlds.  I’m working on getting the email blast going again so we can all catch up.  I’m finally settled and getting it together.  There are not enough hours in the day, phew!


I’m looking forward to the release of my next cd “Rhythm & Blues” this December and if I could describe what’s coming out of the studio it would be “New.”  After gaining new experiences and missing my family like crazy there is no other word other than “Hot” to explain what’s coming!  Stay tuned for that. 


With all that has been going on I also found another hobby.  I’m a foodie!  Check out my blog on these great recipes I’ve tried and follow me to stay up on new posts . http://tanealblogs.com/


Atlanta!  If you are attending the Sweet Auburn Springfest this weekend, you don’t want to miss my performance.  I’m so ready and I’m getting the live itch.  I have a tee-shirt for the first person that comes up to me and says “Hey Butterfly!”  I’m so excited and can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet New ones! 


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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