You know what makes a Butterfly so special?  They are not willing to fail no matter how fragile they may appear to be.  They persevere through the toughest times.  No weather can kill their spirit.  I wanna thank those who came out yesterday to the Springfest especially those who showed me some love at my performance.  What a great time it was although it was raining but I held it down with my lil pink umbrella :)  We doin it fo sho!  Keep the Buzz going!  Spread the word about my music and new cd release this December 2013 "Rhythm & Blues!"


Congrats to the winner of the "TaNeal Live @ Sweet Auburn Springfest 2013" tshirt.  Representin the Midwest.  I love giving out gifts.  I also gave out a few cds to the folks around the stage that kept the party going!  I love yaw'll without you there is no show.  Bing :)))



Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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