Mission Blockers

"The core or beginning (soul) is where things are created, received, perceived then attempted into the mind.  When outlets (eyes, ears, mouth, hands) become the possessor of this process, you are at risk of alternating your purpose with influenced thoughts and not the gifted ones."


Hey Butterflies!  I wanted to update you on the next step Im in on my journey.  There are a lot of different things going on and I will just bullet those at the end of this blog.  I was thinking about my move to Atlanta and all the new things I've learned even about myself and I'm glad that even though I have a rough time every time I step out the door, I come home feeling driven and confident.


I understand that it's hard out there for everyone but how are you facing your challenges?  How do you react when road blocks are thrown in front of you?  I decided to obey my last blog post and take those baby steps :)  Every step we attempt will be a challenge, so why not focus on what each step needs to get to the next one instead of worrying about the overall mission.


For example, I recently started an eBay store.  I have been planning to do it for many years.  A few weeks ago, my daughter and I sat down and thought of a name and what we would sell.  Once I logged onto my account and posted my first item, it only took 10 minutes!  Yes!  10 Minutes!  I can't believe how simple it was.  I was giving it too much thought and what I may need to get started without checking first.  So now I list an item and forget about it!  If I have any sells or something doesn't sell, I will get an email.  So I do not worry if it will be a success or not.  I take one step at a time from choosing the item I will list, hitting the publish button, corresponding to customer inquires, to shipping!


Before all this:  I spent a lot of time checking up on trends and news etc.  It is a good thing to stay updated but there were too many things and thoughts blocking me from what I should be doing at that moment.  There is a time for everything, so again each moment will count in every step I take!


Check out the links below for most of my current endeavors (links will open in a new window)!

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Peace and Blessings

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