Taken Charge

"There is a difference between growing up being financially rich and being ethically rich.  Then there is getting yo a$$ whipped!"

Hey Butterflies!  Since the last blog, I have had a very tight schedule.  Juggling 3 part time jobs and spending time with my daughter on her visit to the states.  Since I make my own schedule, things worked out but here in Atlanta, if you take a day off you fall 2 weeks behind so I have been on the grind to play catch up.
Not being able to spend time with family had taken it's toll.  With what I thought was a growing relationship with me and my only sister seems distant again and I feel I have lost the communication line with my Mother.  That's hard to accept because we are not very close in the first place.  Just when I thought things would get better, I blame my lifestyle on this barrier.  Although when I look at my family and my upbringing I see such a great gap.  Reminding me of the days when I felt I didn't fit in their environment.  Not to say that any of us are better than each other because of the life paths we choose, it's just that there are some things that just don't make sense with us.  I think that's common with many families.  
I'm in no position to say what's best or what's bad, all I know is what I have taken from home are things that contribute to my means of survival.  Every time I messed up, it was followed by a butt whoopn' so I'm determined to not let that go down.  Life can whoop on you real good if you are not careful so I take my time on the decisions I make.  Not everyone can leave their home and risk taking chances on life but just like a good friend of mine said, "How can you really know who you are and what you were brought into this world to do without getting out into it taking the good and the bad and find what your true purpose of life is.  Your parents can only show you the world through their eyes.  It's not fair to you to take those visions and see the world the way they want you to see it.  You have to get out and have your own experiences, makes your own mistakes and learn from them in your own way."
I can not speak for my parents but to be fair I'm sure raising me was not a day in the park!  I was ruthless, rebellious, and random.  Even til this day I don't think my parents know who I am or what I may do.  So I guess what I'm saying is...  Even though I may not be able to be with them, I keep them in my heart.  Even if we are so different and have ups and downs I hope that we can all love one another the same...unconditionally!
Atlanta has been a great challenge and there is so much that I can do here.  The music project I'm working on is going great!   Im sure what I decide to release will be inspiring and uplifting to you.  It's hard to tell what you all will have to say about this new direction I'm going with my music but if you have followed my journey this far you will see that growing with me is worth something new!
To keep in shape, I thought I'd get back into tennis.  It's been so long but my coach says I'm ready so I'm looking into a league sometime in March.  Next to music, tennis is one of my favorite things and I love the fact that I'm able to get back at it like riding a bike! (See Pic Below)
Something else to share:  I grew up a Happy Meal kid, I thought I could never live without McDonald's and was so excited when I bought my first Big Mac.  As I got older I lost the taste for it.  Maybe because I read about by-product and gmos and all it's made of.  I have been on a vegan journey lately it has become more vegan than my 80/20 rule I've lived for years, 20 being the amount of sugar, meat and diary - 80 meaning all the good stuff I have enjoyed cooking!  I have been trying new recipes and just recently made a vegan Big Mac and replaced tuna.  The tuna is a big step for me because fish was a big part of my 20% diet.  You can not tell the difference at all!  It may be a while before I post it but feel free to follow my foodie blog.  http://tanealblogs.com/
Lastly, my eBay store is doing well!  I decided to list my first cd for sale considering I have a huge inventory and have had to tote these around everytime I moved.  In the meantime check out what else I have on sale!  http://www.ebay.com/usr/iwowvaluestore
Stay strong Butterflies!  The journey has just begun.  I can't wait to announce the cd release!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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