Are you Indie or Not?

Good morning Butterflies!  


After seeing a post about how to get your music on Pandora, I decided to share this link (below).  While I am still not on Pandora due to my own lack of completely finishing my second cd release to-do-list, I have had no complaints about CD Baby's distribution.  I went to Pandora myself with my first cd and got some very essential feedback.  Which was very well needed seeing I did EVERYTHING on that cd myself.  Sometimes you can not DO-IT-ALL and get a quality product as an end result so I'm glad I went to them when I did.  Now....although I know we all have a story on how to get things done but to me it's important to know what you are singing up for (READ THE DAMN CONTRACTS) and what you are not getting.  Be ready to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!  You are an Indie dammit, and in my situation....A MUSIC "LABEL" despite the overall message in the link was "trying" make clear, give me my UPC!  I must be in love with them too!  Although I see your frustration, I just can't completely agree with you.


Don't get me started with insignificant commentary because Im not one to talk...much.  I have so much on my plate, and so behind on business matters.  There is only but so much one person can do and since I relocated to Atlanta it's like starting all over.  At first I thought I was losing my patience about getting things done, being able to pay bills, no personal life and feeling alone.  But I sat back, got some rest and looked at what I accomplished since my official nesting in March of this year, looked in the mirror and said "I got this!"


Bravo Tony van Veen for keeping it real human and responding to this artist's blog.  Good to see you still take the time to clarify.  It appears more patience was needed to get Pandora's response to his emails...?  What every happen to the other communication outlets?  And why does it seem like a bad thing to knock on a business door these days?  Those at Pandora may not be as comforting, one more reply from you on that blog and the situation would have turned adoption, lol!


With more specifications, reading Indie music news as most Indie's do, and "getting a second opinion"  I'm sure his frustrations could have been calmed.  But again we all have a story!


An Open Letter to CD Baby, Amazon, and Pandora


Peace and Blessings

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