Endearing - An Open Letter

Hey Butterflies!  I'm stopping in to share a very personal thing with you.  I just sent an email to my daughter in Nigeria.  For those who have not heard, more than 200 girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria 3 weeks ago and parents are still praying and pleading for the return of their girls.  I'm grateful and thankful that my daughter's school was in no harm but I also pray that these girls are freed!  My daughter didn't bring it up so I'm assuming she has not heard about it.


From the moment I heard that I was pregnant we were attached at the hip until 2010.   I had a live feed of my second cd release in hopes that she would be able to view it.  It was a very emotion time for me.  The planning and getting things together was hectic and we were almost 30 minutes late starting the show.  Not all the musicians were on point, I was not singing on the main mic so my background singers were louder than I was through the audio feed and I met and later worked with the worse team of managers ever.  It was a lesson to me and I have grown from it.  More importantly my daughter is a blessing to me in so many ways!


So here is the email I sent and hope that it inspires Mothers and Daughters to hold on to each other because life has it's ups and downs but when you can confide in a parent, I believe it helps you deal with life a little smoother.  Cheers!


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ


Dear Chioma,

I want to add on to what I expressed to you after we talked today and give you a bit more insight behind my words.  As I have grown and matured there are so many things that I have learned.  I had to stop blaming my upbringing on my choices in life.  It's never too late to change but now I believe that people should always think and be patient about their decisions and how it will affect others around them.  Especially their family!
Communicating your plans with others that are close to you helps you decide what the right path to take is.  You don't necessarily have to agree with everything they say but hearing other people's opinion especially if they are older can be a benefit to you.
We discuss a lot and I'm so grateful that you are open about your feelings with me.  Please remain that way.  You are safe with me.  It only took one mistake that I made to help me realize that as a child you first lean toward the comfort and convenience of the safety from your parents.  I pray you never feel that you have to go outside to find a place for security, that is our job as your parents to secure and care for you.  Enjoy being a child and again your only responsibility is to take care of yourself and your education.  I believe in you, I trust you.  As long as you never take that for granted nothing that I ever promise you will ever forfeit!
I love you very much and I look forward to see how you grow into the woman you want to be!


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