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Hey Butterflies!  We are TOP FLIGHT these days!  I hope you are feeling the high!


So I'm still reading Clive Davis' "The Soundtrack of My Life" I'm learning so much!  And Now I'm on the chapter about Janis Joplin and it led me to listen to her version of "Summertime" for the first time and...WOW!  If it weren't for my passion for music I would never know about such treasures!  My Step-Dad use to sing to me and play music for me from time to time but it was all R&B/Soul.  Which I Truly appreciate but over the years, other genres have expanded my belt!  Even if it's the same lyrics over again, the way an artist show their style in their music makes the lyrics just as powerful!


Janis Joplin Sings "Summertime"



Peace and Blessings

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