Being Mickey Mouse

"You may find more than food or money, you may find love."


Hey Butterflies!  This is a rare but goody blog :)


I had a thought...when it comes to household names, how does it get there?  When we seek our entertainment rather it comes from family, friends or a random moment or person that makes a smile, laugh or cry...It gives us a lifetime memory...right?


I'm reminiscing on this night.  This is not an hallucination, I'm so lucid it's scary.  Something in me is changing and I'm not sure if it's that time in my life that I can finally say I get it.  But when I think about the things and people that make me happy and make me feel safe...No matter when or's a damn good thing to feel so loved with open arms!  And who knew animation could be a mirror :)



Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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