The Whose Who...?

Hey Butterflies!  


Did you know confidence is a survival tool?  


Picture this...two friends who knew each other from their youth lost contact with each other.  Thanks to social media they found one another again and before looking at pics and previous posts they became friends online...after some time the social butterfly was liking and commenting on the other friends' page more than they were for them...that social butterfly wondered why and decided to inbox them to say hello and got no answer.  Again a few months later and no answer.  There can be so many reasons why they didn't.  Maybe they are not online as much.  Maybe they never check the newsfeed.  Who knows right?


So this social butterfly tags them in a few motivational posts...after a few... the social butterfly couldn't tag them.  Come to find this long lost friend deleted them and BLOCKED because social butterfly couldn't find there page all together...  Again WHO knows why or should we even think something horrible has happened...?


When you add someone online, you have a reason to right...?  And they have a reason for adding you.  If you reach out to them..isn't it fair just for them to tell you what's on their mind?  That way you both know something even if you choose to delete them even.  Social media can be a trap!


Or is it a game of who deletes who first?  Or is it just a waste of time?  Hmmm...


Whose got the most confidence and who is online not knowing how to find out how they can find theirs?


I'm decided to write this because of the times that I have reached out to people who add me online and I thank them for adding me and get no response.  Why did they add me and how did they find out about me?  Do they know why I'm online in the first place?  Aw man...come on music!  We got work to do!  Lyrics can't keep up with words these days.  Almost obsolete...but...ok


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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