No time..excuse me! I gotta go!



"I can not believe it's been a year since I last wrote you.  That's a hot mess and I do not have an excuse."


What can we say about the past year?  What happened?  Was things for the good or bad and did we learn something?  I could dive in with all my bitter...laugh...cry...


Something was learned this past year.  Growth and patience.  We are quick to post on social media because we think it's convenient but as Indie artists we don't want to forget our greatest plug.  Blogs are and will always be the best way to communicate with each other along with email!


I missed blogging.  I will not post in detail because if I did I will get calls and responses that I don't need right now...pity.  Life...God...has giving me a full deck and I was blessed enough to pick the saver card.  Some people who I have the pleasure of knowing do not know the truth and I'm trying to figure out how to tell them what's been going on without sounding like a violin.


I'm alive and I'm still healthy so I don't need to go into it.  Is it so bad if we choose to not get too personal with network family?  Is it so bad that we want to keep up the persona that we are survivors and say.. "I'm sorry I'm late on this and that" without saying why?  It's because of life and road blocks that we may be too embarrassed to discuss but from the outside we seem distant and caddy.  There is a solution!


Stay active.  We may have distractions but the only way we can avoid having to spill out daily woes is to deliver our talent.


I'm over the bump, hump blah blah blah blah blah...I got things to do and so do YOU!  Get back to work!


TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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