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"Butterflies!  Fly fly far away.  If they want you to stay...stay a bit then again fly away!"


Hey now!  So the last post was about me NOT complaining or feeling sorry for myself.  I know what the problem is.  It's time to get back out and say "Hey, What's up?"  to some folks.  They are still working, writing, building, producing, mixing, mastering, networking/netweaving.  I was surviving.  To them...they probably forgot about me.  It's not personal.  For me...I'm working on taking my #Songwriting to the next level so personal is not the object here, it's hitting them with hits and I'm on it!    No time is better than now to let them know that I'm still standing.  I'm getting better from bed rest.  ok I said it.  Yes bed rest!  The worst vacation ever.  Memories are my uplift:

#NYC #subway... reminding myself of this moment...when do I get up and start singing. ..you scuured!  random #applause unrecorded   #performance of the last part of "A House Is Not A Home" song by the beloved #LutherVandross.  I didn't just sing, I held some hands and got folks to sing with me.  The best moment ever!  I was scared when I finished but this train could care less about my fears, they acknowledged the performance.  Shame on me for not having a top hat or folded top paper bag to collect some support.  I picked up what I could from the floor, thanked them and got off at the next stop.  NYC loves real people.  Look them in the eye, demand their attention and leave with hugs!  I want to go back sooo bad! #LIvingTheLIfe


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