Endearing - An Open Letter

Hey Butterflies!  I'm stopping in to share a very personal thing with you.  I just sent an email to my daughter in Nigeria.  For those who have not heard, more than 200 girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria 3 weeks ago and parents are still praying and pleading for the return of their girls.  I'm grateful and thankful that my daughter's school was in no harm but I also pray that these girls are freed!  My daughter didn't bring it up so I'm assuming she has not heard about it.


From the moment I heard that I was pregnant we were attached at the hip until 2010.   I had a live feed of my second cd release in hopes that she would be able to view it.  It was a very emotion time for me.  The planning and getting things together was hectic and we were almost 30 minutes late starting the show.  Not all the musicians were on point, I was not singing on the main mic so my background singers were louder than I was through the audio feed and I met and later worked with the worse team of managers ever.  It was a lesson to me and I have grown from it.  More importantly my daughter is a blessing to me in so many ways!


So here is the email I sent and hope that it inspires Mothers and Daughters to hold on to each other because life has it's ups and downs but when you can confide in a parent, I believe it helps you deal with life a little smoother.  Cheers!


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ


Dear Chioma,

I want to add on to what I expressed to you after we talked today and give you a bit more insight behind my words.  As I have grown and matured there are so many things that I have learned.  I had to stop blaming my upbringing on my choices in life.  It's never too late to change but now I believe that people should always think and be patient about their decisions and how it will affect others around them.  Especially their family!
Communicating your plans with others that are close to you helps you decide what the right path to take is.  You don't necessarily have to agree with everything they say but hearing other people's opinion especially if they are older can be a benefit to you.
We discuss a lot and I'm so grateful that you are open about your feelings with me.  Please remain that way.  You are safe with me.  It only took one mistake that I made to help me realize that as a child you first lean toward the comfort and convenience of the safety from your parents.  I pray you never feel that you have to go outside to find a place for security, that is our job as your parents to secure and care for you.  Enjoy being a child and again your only responsibility is to take care of yourself and your education.  I believe in you, I trust you.  As long as you never take that for granted nothing that I ever promise you will ever forfeit!
I love you very much and I look forward to see how you grow into the woman you want to be!


CNN reports today

The Right Time

"Don't get your panties all in a bunch...put em on ice!"


--- Hey Butterflies!


How do you feel right now?  Did you get the things done you wanted to today?  No?  I know the feeling!  We are always in rush to reach success that we forget that the journey is much more important than reaching the end.   What am I talking about?


Have you ever had a list of things to do for the day?  If not, try it...it helps.  But you are still not even able to get to everything.  How frustrating right?


With everything I have shared with you, I have been through the typical struggle.  Meaning I don't expect special treatment for chasing my dream.  But with patience and persistence, I have made another power move and it is working!


The past few months, I have excelled in love and moved in with him.  Yes!  After all this time a man with confidence found me and picked me up.  Naturally and Literally...he explained he didn't have time to play around..."So let me take you out to dinner so we can talk because I don't want to be a penpal or text buddy"


I said yes and thats history.  It feels good to be myself and have a man who wants nothing but the best for me.  My happiness being his happiness is not a problem since he sensed I naturally inspire to making people happy myself.  I did not move to Atlanta for a love affair...I did it for my career but now that I'm in a place of support, security and respect...it's time to say YES!


So what does this mean to you?  And when is the right time to say YES!  What this means for you is that I'm now a FULLtime artist.  Focusing on my project and making more time for magic.  You will get a FULLear of music and we are not just talking about a song, we are talking about an overloaded LP filled with more info on my journey.  Music you can relate to if you have been alone in love, broke up, found out the truth, heartbroken or found love and loving life and dancing and I can on...


Let's cheers to this moment!  Your girl is on the rise to yet giving birth to another music baby.  We are ready so lets get recording and spread the love!  Share this blog!  You never know who needs to know that they are not alone.  You are right there with them.  When the right time comes, you have to grab it like corn on the cob!  #Butter  #LIvingTheLife


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

Because You Want More

Hey Butterflies!


Had a great discussion with a very successful businessman today and some opinions he gave me about what he thinks about women in music today, led to this post...  


What you hear and see from me is just what you will get, you are not following my journey for a magic show...my future projects will always be a sequel or continuance.  With a little bit of polish not a role change.  I hope to reach more music lovers with my lyrics.  I never really said I could sing but you said things like, "I'm feeling these lyrics" and "love your voice" and so I want to give you more.  I live it, write it, then sing it and you like it.  Sounds like a win-win to me!


It started with my friends, then my family then you and now....I want to release a project fulfilling request and sharing my life experiences.  I'm not asking and telling.  I'm just being me and using the internet along with the streets to deliver a message.  Lets live!  and Lets Live it Right!  I'm just glad to share this ride with someone.  It gets lonely in this car!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

Are you Indie or Not?

Good morning Butterflies!  


After seeing a post about how to get your music on Pandora, I decided to share this link (below).  While I am still not on Pandora due to my own lack of completely finishing my second cd release to-do-list, I have had no complaints about CD Baby's distribution.  I went to Pandora myself with my first cd and got some very essential feedback.  Which was very well needed seeing I did EVERYTHING on that cd myself.  Sometimes you can not DO-IT-ALL and get a quality product as an end result so I'm glad I went to them when I did.  Now....although I know we all have a story on how to get things done but to me it's important to know what you are singing up for (READ THE DAMN CONTRACTS) and what you are not getting.  Be ready to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!  You are an Indie dammit, and in my situation....A MUSIC "LABEL" despite the overall message in the link was "trying" make clear, give me my UPC!  I must be in love with them too!  Although I see your frustration, I just can't completely agree with you.


Don't get me started with insignificant commentary because Im not one to talk...much.  I have so much on my plate, and so behind on business matters.  There is only but so much one person can do and since I relocated to Atlanta it's like starting all over.  At first I thought I was losing my patience about getting things done, being able to pay bills, no personal life and feeling alone.  But I sat back, got some rest and looked at what I accomplished since my official nesting in March of this year, looked in the mirror and said "I got this!"


Bravo Tony van Veen for keeping it real human and responding to this artist's blog.  Good to see you still take the time to clarify.  It appears more patience was needed to get Pandora's response to his emails...?  What every happen to the other communication outlets?  And why does it seem like a bad thing to knock on a business door these days?  Those at Pandora may not be as comforting, one more reply from you on that blog and the situation would have turned adoption, lol!


With more specifications, reading Indie music news as most Indie's do, and "getting a second opinion"  I'm sure his frustrations could have been calmed.  But again we all have a story!


An Open Letter to CD Baby, Amazon, and Pandora


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

Spending vs. Investing

Hey Butterflies!  I hope your week is off to a great start. I know mine is :)


There are many things we spend our hard earned money on and one thing that has always been important to me are buying things that I need to help me get further toward the success of my future.  Moving to Atlanta were one of these investments.  There are endless resources here.  As the years went on, I started to learn about the things I needed to make things more sufficient and convenient for me especially with the businesses I plan to launched.


I have always wanted a Macbook, so I bought it.  I have always wanted a Brother laser printer so today, I BOUGHT IT!  Not only did I get a good price, I found a $10 off coupon that would have expired today.  Everything definitely happens for a reason and at the time it is meant to happen!  So now I have everything I need to get into ecommerce of any business I choose to pursue.  An all-in-one mono laser and it's wireless, woohoo!  I'm so excited and can't wait to see where this goes!


Reach high!


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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