Mission Blockers

"The core or beginning (soul) is where things are created, received, perceived then attempted into the mind.  When outlets (eyes, ears, mouth, hands) become the possessor of this process, you are at risk of alternating your purpose with influenced thoughts and not the gifted ones."


Hey Butterflies!  I wanted to update you on the next step Im in on my journey.  There are a lot of different things going on and I will just bullet those at the end of this blog.  I was thinking about my move to Atlanta and all the new things I've learned even about myself and I'm glad that even though I have a rough time every time I step out the door, I come home feeling driven and confident.


I understand that it's hard out there for everyone but how are you facing your challenges?  How do you react when road blocks are thrown in front of you?  I decided to obey my last blog post and take those baby steps :)  Every step we attempt will be a challenge, so why not focus on what each step needs to get to the next one instead of worrying about the overall mission.


For example, I recently started an eBay store.  I have been planning to do it for many years.  A few weeks ago, my daughter and I sat down and thought of a name and what we would sell.  Once I logged onto my account and posted my first item, it only took 10 minutes!  Yes!  10 Minutes!  I can't believe how simple it was.  I was giving it too much thought and what I may need to get started without checking first.  So now I list an item and forget about it!  If I have any sells or something doesn't sell, I will get an email.  So I do not worry if it will be a success or not.  I take one step at a time from choosing the item I will list, hitting the publish button, corresponding to customer inquires, to shipping!


Before all this:  I spent a lot of time checking up on trends and news etc.  It is a good thing to stay updated but there were too many things and thoughts blocking me from what I should be doing at that moment.  There is a time for everything, so again each moment will count in every step I take!


Check out the links below for most of my current endeavors (links will open in a new window)!

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- iWow* eBay Value Store

- Another Facebook Page  posts about entertainment, comedy, DYI etc :)


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

Baby Steps

Hey Butterflies!  Wow it's funny how time flies.


Last week I finally got the chance to go back home to Ohio after being in the A for more than 2 years.  I spent time with my family and it was a motivation that I needed!  It had me thinking about how I only planned to be here in Atlanta for 6 months now I live here...


Also I closed my storage, I set it up there before I left.  Good thing too because they have made about $2,500 off me for stuff I have not used since I opened it!


So now I have my things, my memories, my life...here to grow with me in Atlanta. 


Another good thing is that I have expanded my work space in my home studio.  Life is good with two systems.  One to send this to you, the other records my work!  It just feels like a bigger space although the dimensions have not changed. 


Source:  My Camera Phone


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

It only takes a second

Hey Butterflies!  Today was so interesting and scary that it deserves it's own blog!


One of my many jobs includes banquet serving.  Things can be stressful with any job and I understand walking a long distance with 40lbs of hot food can be hectic but I have never seen so much anger and hate in a workplace all my life.  Well, let me change that.  I know it's out there and I can sense bad energy from people but I just stay away from them.  I don't want to see anyone lose their job because I know what it feels like to not have money and how hard it is to find work these days but I had to say something to the temps that was working there.  You never know what someone is going through and just because you are mean, going through something yourself or just need spiritual guidance does not give you the right to be mean and disrespectful to anyone especially someone you don't know.  You never know who you are doing this too.  I'm not sure if this will change anything but hey it doesn't hurt to speak up it only takes a second!


On the way home, I witnessed a man in front of me on a motorcycle get hit but an SUV.  As soon as the light changed, he hit the petal to the metal, went to go right not paying attention and got hit hard.  He and the bike flew and flipped in the air.  I immediately called 911 and pulled over to the middle lane in front of the divide.  Then I had to gather myself.  He didn't move at all I'm not sure if he died or not.  If so, that would make the second time I saw someone get killed in front of me.  So scary!  I hope the man is ok and I have but still even more appreciate waking up everyday and that I'm safe.  You could lose your life at any moment it only takes a second!


I decided to stop at the spa to relax.  A lady walked in to check up on her Mom and handed me a flyer said she just opened her shop next door "Wings 101" a few days ago and that I should stop by.  I told her sure I look forward to it!  After my session, I went over.  It was dinner time and Lemon Pepper Wings sounded good anyway :)  When I walked in her cashier is the first person you see and this heffah not only gave me the once over, it was in super slow motion and she even lean a bit over the counter to get a view of my feet.  This made me feel very uncomfortable!  When the owner saw me her face lit up and she offered me free fries.  I told her she didn't have to do that, first of all I don't need all that starch but she insisted and I didn't want to offend her lol!  When she walked away, I told the cashier "Hey can I tell you something (I was gonna tell her anyway) She just opened a few days ago, and for a new business you want people coming back so you guys can stay open and keep your job.  Your beautiful face is the first thing people see when they walk through those doors and I noticed you gave me a nasty once over.  If I were you I wouldn't do that."  She didn't apologize but she said ok in a very sweet way.  After reading Joel Manby's "Love Works" it really enlightened me about a particular love that should be practiced in the work place.  So I encourage success.  I'm aiming for success so to give a critic on what someone can improve on but also give them a compliment only takes a second!


I'm sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine writing this blog and now all I can think about is how precious life and survival is!


Here is a picture I took right before the car accident.  The pic is kind of small it says "Fear Nothing B Strong"

Source:  My Camera Phone



Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ


You know what makes a Butterfly so special?  They are not willing to fail no matter how fragile they may appear to be.  They persevere through the toughest times.  No weather can kill their spirit.  I wanna thank those who came out yesterday to the Springfest especially those who showed me some love at my performance.  What a great time it was although it was raining but I held it down with my lil pink umbrella :)  We doin it fo sho!  Keep the Buzz going!  Spread the word about my music and new cd release this December 2013 "Rhythm & Blues!"


Congrats to the winner of the "TaNeal Live @ Sweet Auburn Springfest 2013" tshirt.  Representin the Midwest.  I love giving out gifts.  I also gave out a few cds to the folks around the stage that kept the party going!  I love yaw'll without you there is no show.  Bing :)))



Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

HibernatN & ProcrasinatN

Hey Butterflies!  I miss you all so much.  I remember when I was really active online and was able to keep up with what’s going on in your worlds.  I’m working on getting the email blast going again so we can all catch up.  I’m finally settled and getting it together.  There are not enough hours in the day, phew!


I’m looking forward to the release of my next cd “Rhythm & Blues” this December and if I could describe what’s coming out of the studio it would be “New.”  After gaining new experiences and missing my family like crazy there is no other word other than “Hot” to explain what’s coming!  Stay tuned for that. 


With all that has been going on I also found another hobby.  I’m a foodie!  Check out my blog on these great recipes I’ve tried and follow me to stay up on new posts . http://tanealblogs.com/


Atlanta!  If you are attending the Sweet Auburn Springfest this weekend, you don’t want to miss my performance.  I’m so ready and I’m getting the live itch.  I have a tee-shirt for the first person that comes up to me and says “Hey Butterfly!”  I’m so excited and can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet New ones! 


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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