Ole Granny

Hey Butterflies!  Hope your week went well so...Happy Friday Woohoo!


I'm not making any promises here, but two blogs week on Humpday and Friday sounds good right?


Ok so I don't know what it is about me and ole grannies but the first encounter a lady tripped me and I fell down a few steps before I caught myself by the rail and lost my shoe.  Seeing that shoe fall made me think...if I didn't have the thought to catch myself, phew!  The second time a lady hit me with her cane :(


Well today as I was going into the grocery store, a lady backed out of her parking space too fast for most people to think but I jumped onto the back of her car.  She jumped out and said,

"You need to be careful in these streets little girl!"  I wanted to say :First of all, I'm not a little girl:

I said humbly, "Mam, this is a parking lot."

She replied, "Well, you still should watch where you're going!"


What just happened here?  At first, I felt the need to tell her I have the right-a-way, but then I felt like :Yes Mam, I'll watch where I'm going:  Believe me, I'm just as confused as you are!


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз


We R Family

"People so quick to judge you because they can't see themselves in a mirror!"


Hey Butterflies!  It's been too long since I've written a blog but it's time because I have some things to say that I'm sure you can relate to. 


I may have wrote about how hard I'm working but unfortunately there are some people *COUGH* family... who choose to send dumb inbox messages on facebook like they don't have my number to call or text....instead of READING my blogs to find out what I'm up to.  So I'm gonna blog more in hopes they will find time to stalk me here on taneal.com rather than on facebook!  We already know the world is cruel and judgemental but I'm getting tired of blood being the worse of them all!  I can feel the sideways smile when I look at their messages.  I'm sure they could care less about what I'm doing.  They just want to be nosey.  Also, them inboxing me asking for favors I can not commit to.  Since they do not know how busy I am, I guess they assume I play around on the internet all day waiting for them to contact me again...on FACEBOOK asking me to do something for them.  *SIGH*  With that said, I have decided to no longer respond.  It's hard and trust me, I feel bad but even when I try to explain to them that I can not help them, they make me feel guilty.  But hold up...where were they when I was sleeping in my car...?  Hmmm?


Don't get me wrong, I want to have a closer relationship with my extended family but we have taken different paths in life and a lot of things they post on their facebook is too negative for me to get wrapped up in.  So I know talking to them would be a distraction.  I do not feel bad about the decisions I've made to get my business and music career off the ground, and holding down several jobs to make these dreams come true does not give me time to sit and listen to their problems all day.  Although I hope they find a hobby or do something for themselves that they can be proud of.  We all have to do that, it's a way to success and success brings happiness.  I'm grateful I have been blessed to know what this is and how it feels.  So I want others to be just as happy thats why my music is uplifting and motivational.


What I have been writing lately talks about moving on and climbing to reach a higher goal.  I can't wait until it's done.  I'm so excited about opening up more and the producer I'm working with, Big Fuzzz is amazing.  Under his direction, this project is sure to be fire!  We got some new beats Poppin' and we got an A-list of contacts for this project as well, in hopes to get some good song-writing gigs.


Back to family, let me be clear that I'm NOT talking about my parents or siblings.  Since I have been here in Atlanta, my inner circle family have become closer.  My sister and I talk almost everyday and I talk to my parents every week.  Things got so bad down here and hearing their voice healed me.  Especially since I have felt so alone when things got slow and I was struggling big time!  Talking with them is worth more than any "Save Me" money.  But they know that I'm too proud to ask for help.  If things REALLY get bad, I'm grateful to know I can always go home if need be.  Not too many people have that so I wanted to say thank you to my parents and my sister for being such a great support.  They still don't know most of what I'm doing but it's cool.  They damn sure know I'm busy and understand.


You most of all are just as important to me!  You know more about me than anyone I grew up with because you buy the music and read the blogs.  That's why I call you my Frans (Fans who are also friends).  Thank you so much for supporting me in this journey!  And definitely thank you for letting me vent :)


Did you know, you can signup to taneal.com and leave comments?  I'd sure like to hear some of your family drama stories so I don't feel like I'm the only one who think family get on your nerves, lol!


Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз



If you haven't already, get some history on TaNeal by watching the video below.  Enjoy!

Something New

“Lets have a will to embrace new things and know it was meant for
it to come our way”

Hello Butterflies! I definitely wanted to blog the last day of the year
and reflect a bit on some things with you. I’d like for you to ask
yourself what is it that you would take with you into the new year?
A lot of people focus on what they would change. There are some
things that happened for you this year you should take with you in this
celebration. From people you’ve met, a new discovery to a blessing
in disguise. It has shaped who you are today and it doesn’t
take a new year to realize that.

Days went by as we spent a lot of time doing the same thing over and over.
There is not much wrong with that but those “things” that came
distracted us in a good way. It forced us to do something different which
gave us more air, growth and strength. We learn about ourselves through
these episodes and sometimes we don’t realize that when we embrace it, it
inspires others to see us growing that they would embrace new things too.

What I will take with me is international growth. Not just with
music but in my personal life as well. This year I was blessed to
meet people from all over the world (via internet and in person).
They inspire me to learn more. To exercise my midwest brain and
appreciate how big the world really is. With that I will travel abroad
next year and get a taste of many cultures and lifestyles. It will be
nourishing and powerful. As a child I use to wonder what the world was
like. If there was a little girl out there in the world thinking the
same thing at the same time. I would look out to the night sky and wave
to her and say see you soon!

In elementary school we wrote penpal letters, attached them to a balloon
and released them from the playground. That was my moment of
endearment. Watching that red balloon float away into the blue sky, felt
like my soul was lifted like the essence of a butterfly from it’s

Let’s keep our minds open for the new year and give new things a chance
to impress us!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

“Searching for the Right Way: When all you need to do is dance!”

Hey Butterflies!  Today I had to remind myself that I must respect time and where I am in my life to make a commitment one way or the other.  People talk about relationships, marriage, family, or their dog…some kind of “commitment”…  My commitment is my desire to entertainment people.  To publish work that will be here when I’m long gone.  It’s my passion but this is the hardest commitment I have ever made in my life so far and I hope it’s the last!  Passion and hard should not even be in the same sentence unless we are making a movie J (KIDDING) but a career in sharing my talent is tough!  I can’t say that I’m in a successful marriage or relationship by now but I can say music and I have had ups and downs and have broken up many times.  Somehow…some way it finds its way back home to me.  Music is irresistible.  I’d like my man to be irresistible and I know relationships are not all red roses but there will be no multiple break ups that for sure!  So I’m not doing that anymore with music either!  Together forever!

On the business side, I’m becoming more and more aware of things all independent artists should know but sometimes it gets in the way of my creative process.  The solution to this is sharing my music with your friends and family and telling them to share and so on.  That’s why I reach out to you.  Sometimes I wonder what you like and don’t like about my music.  I’d love to hear your opinions on what you are hearing.  It helps me a lot when I write, record and perform.  Comment on my blogs and you can comment on CD Baby as well (links at the bottom).

Aside from that, I do not want to mope around feeling regretful or think about the what ifs.  I’m gonna dance and shake it off!  I try to dance, I really do but just letting it all out makes me feel so much better!  I will not focus on how bad things have been, I’m going to celebrate the achievements!  Let’s celebrate together.  Get up and press play….come DANCE wit cha girl!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз


TaNeal on CD Baby

I Can’t Stop, I Won’t Stop…Music Is A Life Saver!

“There it was…a twinkle in the sky and no one noticed it was there all the time!”

Hello Butterflies!  I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life!

So, I wanted to blog about Atlanta and what I have been up to.

This is the first time I have shared this with anyone other than 2

good friends and one of my bodyguards (also a GREAT Friend) who knows because he towed me and my car

down here 5 months ago.  Which he was so supportive but so afraid for me at the same time.

I didn’t really come down here with a plan other than wanting to further

my music career.  I didn’t take into consideration about where I would

stay or anything and I was so against paying $200/week for a funky extended stay.

So I went to the library when I got here and started searching for a roomshare on

craigslist.  YES!  I sure did…I am one crazy lady!  I DID choose the right neighborhood

though.  I studied Atlanta’s map before I came and with assistance of TMoore, I found a nice suburb.

This is not the first time that I have done a “O NO she didn’t” act.  I have always been a risk-taker.

After two weeks in extended stay (I finally gave in) and 9 interviews, I found a

good spot for myself and I have been here every since.  Although now I’m complaining

about space because I have two male roommates who are TRUE bachelors, and they are gonna

make me open up a can of whip a$$ up in here!  Yes, it’s threes company but I’m no

Jack Tripper!

Meeting the folks I’ve networked with and seeing cousins who I didn’t get a chance to grow

up with has been a blessing but it doesn’t help the fact of how alone I sometimes

feel.  I’m away from my daughter away from my family and close friends.

I’m so restless and try to bury my feelings in work and not all the work I do is paying yet.

So I’m investing a lot of time in faith while I eat toast and drink tea most days.

I have lost weight since I’ve been here but trust when I get out and network and

get the chance to eat good, I fill the hump like a camel :)   And what a blessing it

is to still have a chance to cook every now and then too, so I’m not complaining…


The last thing is what I must say to those folks down here and anywhere in the

world who think they are going to stop me from achieving my goals… the defensive

attack you feel will hit you where it don’t heal!  I’m not playin’ so

don’t come with those mind games and run arounds because at the end of the

day TRUST you will end up doing something that will only embarrass YOU!

Someone had the nerve to say that I’m cold, disrespectful, distant and unavailable…they obviously

have not heard my lyrics so I forgive them for not wanting to understand who I am, even though

I know thats not how they really feel(mind games).

I just don’t value my talents, I admire the gift that God gave me and I will die

knowing that I did everything in my power to share it with as many people as I can.  That is my focus!

Being emotional has given me nothing but chest pains

and restless nights so I’ve had ENOUGH!  I did the right thing, I will continue to make the

choices I feel will help me get one step closer to introducing my music to someone new and

keeping my fans entertained!  You all are loved and appreciated and I hold you dear to my heart!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

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