TaNeal On Lock-Down

“We are naturally grounded by gravity but life’s challenges will try and keep you off your feet.”

Hello all!  This is the first time in two weeks that I had a moment to myself.  I’ve been traveling, networking and working which I’m grateful for but I appreciate the challenges more than the opportunities since I’ve proven to myself how strong I really am.  The music industry as you know is a very risky and can be highly stressful if you are not careful, but it’s going on 4 months of me living in Atlanta and I’m still standing.

I was once told that my presence is very welcoming and anyone could easily make themselves at home around me.  The problem with that is if you are not strong enough, people will take advantage of you.  I’m glad to be aware of my stopping point but I give others room to be themselves.  Unfortunately, this is not always a good thing because some end up regretting some things they share with me.  None of this is my problem but if I’m not careful and this bewildering point is with someone who has the power to blacklist me in the industry, I’m screwed and it bothers me.

When things are too serious and nothing serious is being put toward your goals, RUN!  There is nothing wrong with you staying focused and moving forward to complete your mission.  I do not want to spend another year “finding myself”  I have arrived!  There is no need for validation when you have a God gifted talent.  Everyone has problems and deal with them in many ways but I do not give energy to misjudgments, mistakes and regrets.  I learn from them and move on.

When you are on a good path and feel your pace is right…then you see the light…go in that direction!  Do not let anyone stop you from doing what you feel comfortable with but keep checking your rear-view and blind sides for those who are willing to lighten your load and help you reach your goal!  With that said, I’m taking a few days off for me.  I will fast, pray and reflect.  I have a huge responsibility to myself, my family and my career.  Some things just can’t be compromised.  If I miss out on something because I take time to strengthen and focus on health, it was not meant for me to have it and I’m OK with that!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз


TaNeal Pulls The Curtains

Hey ya howr ya?  Here’s what it’s all about.  I’m in the middle of finding my way in this new city they call the “A” and I’m glad I chose here rather than taking my chances with New York first.  The pace is just right for me to take my time and find how I fit in the industry and at the same time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very important people who work their ass off to promote good Soul music.  With all the down time I’m having, although I’ve been sprinkled with work to pay the bills every now and then and I’m grateful, but it’s time to let in some more sun.

Even when I was flowin’ I was not very vulgar or explicit because it’s not in my character, yet I confess that behind closed doors I’m a lioness!  I get it in and I would never let anyone cheat me out of a good orgasm.  I have been playing it safe too hard for my daughter because I wanted to make her proud of what I do but one day, she will grow up and we will have “those talks” so how do I expect for her to take me seriously when the time comes?  Really…it’s not important right now.  What’s really real is that I need to expose more of my sensuality.  Yes this may be irreligious but religion is NOT me!  I’ve been spiritual, so worldly and my actions and risks I’ve taken should prove that.  I must be honest and say I do not have nothing to prove to my family.  The proof is in my progress and I want My family (the Fans) to get closer to the artist.

I’m not saying I’m about to do an underground recording in my lil room of me naked singing about sex (one day at a time :) , I’m saying that I’m going to pull the curtains on my lyrics.  Being a tomboy most of my life and then wanting to walk around dressed up, groomed and glamorous…why not show it in my music?  I love sex like my meals…simmered and filled with love so I’m gonna keep it tasteful..yummy…something you do not want to miss!  I’m still playing it safe right now but this is a heads up that even if I offend somebody, hey!  Look away, there is nothing to see here!  This new discovery is for the grown and sexy and since I would NEVER FAKE IT in bed, I’m done holding back in expressing what I want in my life lyrically!  It’s time to give the love we share a more intimate touch!  You feel me?  And yes…I like it with the LIGHTS ON!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal εїз

Look again if you’ve seen this before!


New Site Coming Soon!

Hey Butterfly Frans!  As you can see the site is undergoing some major changes.  You will see more changes until the official release.  Thank you for coming back regularly and checking on ya girl!  I'm working hard in the studio and can't wait to share the Good News with you!  In the meantime Like me on facebook and follow me on twitter




Peace and Blessings



Time to learn again


We need to learn how to laugh again.  Remember that time when we were kids and we laughed at everything?

Everything was hilarious, remember that?


Growing pains kick in and we try to find ourselves or sometimes join groups

with people who make us feel good.  Then they may disappoint us in some way.  Rather if you were cheated on, lied

to or left on a desert island...We have also forgotten how to love each other.  So much bitterness and hurt.

Life doesn't get better when you treat new people the way someone from your past has treated you.  There

should be no comparison for something or someone who comes into existence.  It is also not good for those

coming into existence with old situations as well.


This is a blog for me because I have made a decision about which direction I want to go with my music.  I have yet

to write more about unity and inspiration.  I want to put in more of me and what I want in this life for myself and others.

As I look at the words I write, I'm always afraid of offending someone but no matter how I write I can not think for

everyone, especially those who I've never met but the music has to have a bigger range to it to reach a bigger market.


There are a lot of things I know I could write that would offend a lot of people I know, that's for sure!

After moving to a new town and meeting new people, I found myself weeding through a lot lies, deceit and

disrespect.  It was almost like one person would tell me something

about someone else just to see how I would respond or if I would be a middle for them and run and tell

that person what was said.  I'm new here but I'm not brand new.  How could you be so disrespectful and

think you deserve respect?  It's not so much that people are cruel.  Maybe it's the fact they take on too

many tasks and goals for themselves that along the way they step on a few good people with broken promises or

so afraid that someone would steal their idea or rob them that they become so over protective and appear

to not care about anyone else but themselves.


We are too stuck on ourselves and how life is unfair and blah blah blah.  Do we really give more thought to our

lives and why things happen the way they do?

I complained one time that about being jobless, homeless and carless but this is not true.  I was not use to struggling

but after looking deeper, I found that I was jobless but I still get emails about deposits.  I was homeless but

I have family and friends I can call if I needed a place to stay.  I was carless but I still seem to get

around.  God is in control and he never left.  Once you stop helping yourself you will feel lost and feel you

have nothing.  You must continue to find a way to live the life you choose is best for you.  If it's meant

to happen God will take care of you.


I do not know everything and we all have a story but my tears are starting to hurt my face, I want learn how to laugh



Peace and Blessings


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Hello Butterflies!  I've been up to a lot but our team is working hard to bring you some exciting things.  Check back and stay tuned.  2012 is going to be a great year!



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